Claiming Tickets

Requests for tickets go through a lottery process. If your request is granted, you will receive an email notification, and you can claim your tickets on the Cavalier Student Ticketing website by following these steps.

NOTE: If you claim a student ticket and later determine that you cannot attend the game, please cancel your claim. Claiming a ticket and neither using nor cancelling it will result in the loss of one Loyalty Point.

  1. Click Request/claim tickets. A page appears asking you to select a sport.

  2. Select the type of game for which you want to claim tickets and click Show Schedule. A list of upcoming events appears.

  3. Click the event for which you want to claim a ticket. The Claim Ticket page appears.

  4. Select Claim your ticket and click Continue. The Cavalier Student Information page appears.

  5. From this page, correct any information for your account. Fields with an asterisk (*) must be completed to continue.

  6. Click Update and Proceed to Claim Ticket. A page appears confirming that you have ownership of the ticket.

  7. From this page, do one of the following: